Victoria Bantock

About the Author I am many things in life including a mother, a child, a sister, an aunty, a niece, friend, girlfriend, student, graduate, domestic goddess, taxi driver, worker, reader and of course, a writer (somewhere amid all of that). I still have plenty of stories, poems and novels to finish. Some began a long time ago and are waiting for me to go back to them. Some are still in my head yet to be started. I used to beat myself up about it but then I realised that they just aren't ready yet. They are too important to me to be rushed and put out there for the sake of it. I haven't yet learnt all the information or had the experiences I need to in order to write them in the best way that I possibly can.

In the meantime, I'm really writing every single day. I text, tweet, e-mail, facebook, blog (kind of), write my 3 pages of tat in the mornings, diary, school slips, letters, shopping lists and notes to myself as reminders, both on paper and in my head. I am actually always writing! I love Paragraph Planet for being there so I can write those fleeting things that pop in my mind here and there. They are so quick and so small that here is the only place it could ever go. The only place it fits in.

Visit my blog to find out more about me and some of the Literary Adventures I am on right now. I am creating lots of things for writers and hope that everyone joins in and shares.

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