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Welcome to Writing Workout, the place for writing exercises that get your scribbling into shape.

Originally launched in 2012 as a separate site, I have decided to bring a slimmed down version to Paragraph Planet, while I revamp some of the code for the more complicated exercises.

When you click on the DAILY EXERCISE button below, you will be taken to an exercise page which changes for each day of the month. (For the moment there are 31 exercises, but I will expand on this if they prove popular).

The exercise is against the clock, intended to get your writing without overthinking. If you put your email in the box at the top of the Daily Exercise page (I suggest doing this first), you will get emailed a copy. You can then use your scribbled writing as a basis for further writing. Your answers only go to you.

Once time runs out, or you hit the FINISHED button, you will go to a screen with your results. If you have not put your email in, you can still cut and paste off the screen, and email it to yourself/paste into notes etc, but at that stage it will not have kept your info.

If you like this section of the site, please let me know via here, or Twitter, and I will add more exercises. And if you really like the site, then you can always help support it via the Ko-Fi page

I would welcome your feedback (there is a contact page), feel free to forward me your results, and if you like the site, please spread the word across social media using the hashtag #writingworkout

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