Amanda Bakewell

About the Author Having recently studies Creative Writing with the Open University I've been inspired by the course into now writing for fun. It's a hobby that fits nicely into the pockets of life I can call my own, allowing me to escape the daily demands for a few moments.

The course made me feel a bit like a kid who's been running around a huge new theme park called 'Creative Writing' ... It had lots of big exciting roller coaster rides to go on - Short stories, Poetry, Life Writing ... standing in the line to go on the rides I felt pretty nervous wondering what would be like, then I've ridden the ride which made me laugh, scream, scared me at times, but when I got to the end of each the adrenalin was running. Which has inspired me to run round again and have another go on some of the rides.

In between I've found smaller little rides that you can jump on and just have a go, rides such as 'Paragraph Planet', have provided a bit of fun, in between waiting to ride the big rides.

It's been a joy to discover Creative Writing and at the moment I'm just giggling and having lots of fun with it. Perhaps this is why laughter sometimes bubbles through my writing - it's because I enjoy it, I hope you like reading my contributions.

Best wishes -Amanda

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