Below is an index of sequels, where one author has been inspired by another. (You can now submit your own sequel to any previous paragraph, and even continue the story after one of the sequels below.) They are a great creative exercise whether you're imitating the original author's style, turning the premise on its head, or deepening the story in a new way.

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RUTH SHIVERS by Elly Griffiths + Todd McGrattan....view

ON THE BUS by Kyrsten Bean + Laura Morris....view

OVERLOOK by Kathyrn Bercury + Rachel Matthews....view

I SEE NOW by Bree Tinsley + Sheila Duffill....view

NATIONAL EXPRESS by Stephanie Lam + Roger Noons....view

SPRING TIDE, FULL MOON by Judy Astley + Roger Noons view

THE WALL by Rachel Bailey + Cath Barton.... view

NEMESIS by David Cookson + Jayne Thickett....view

MIDDLE-AGED, SOLITARY AS AN ISLAND by David Cookson + Hayley Turner....view

POOR By louise Demartigny + Jocelyn Munro.... view

TIME BANK by Chris Mills + Janet Newman.... view

DON'T by Maggie Knight + Sylvia Hickey.... view

22nd NOVEMBER 1963 by Linda Jarrett + Linda Baxter.... view

THE VIKINGS ARE COMING by Derek Jones + Alan Blunden.... view

A NOVEMBER WINDY DAY by Jackie Pugh + Granville Steppel... view

SWEENEY TODD AGAIN!! by Granville Steppel + Todd McGrattan.... view

WHAT'S IN MY HEAD RIGHT NOW by John Wilson + Linda Baxter.... view

THE FRESHLY LIT FIRE by Helena Mallett + Anna Dear....view

THE WOMAN DOWNSTAIRS KEEPS COMPLAINING by Sophie Hearn + Kris Heimark.... view

ST JULIEN ET STE BASILLISE by Chris Chesney + Cath Barton .... view

THE RAILWAY PLATFORM by Rachel Bailey + Cath Barton .... view

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