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About the Author I started writing fiction when I was thirteen. These words would be written on pieces of paper, scribbled in notebooks hidden away from peoples eyes. I was a huge fan of the Sweet Dreams YA Romance Novels at the time so my stories tended to be based on that genre. I also used to write song lyrics, put a tune to them and sing them out loud in my bedroom but the less said about that the better. Unfortunately I never kept any of these as I am sure they would have provided me with much amusement and embarrassment now.

Growing up I was never surrounded by creative people so writing was never something I took seriously and as the years went by and life took over the writing I did became less and less, yet it was always a burning desire within me.

In June 2012 I met someone who amongst other things writes. This contact with someone so creative really unearthed all the creativity inside of me and with his encouragement I decided to send three submissions to Paragraph Planet. I chose pieces that I had written years ago and modified them to fit the required 75 words. They did not get used and I am glad. So much has happened to me in the years since writing those pieces that the woman who wrote them no longer exists.

Not being put off, a week later I decided to write something new specifically for Paragraph Planet and I was totally thrilled when it got published in July 2012. Since then I have had two more pieces published by the site along with winning the Brighton Digital Festival 2012 Flash Lit Fiction Twitter Competition. All of this has really encouraged me and I am excited to see how my writing will develop further.

I hope you enjoy my words and any comments or feedback is most welcome.

When not writing I work as a freelance designer. I currently live in a house close to the River Thames in Gloucestershire which I share with my daughter Miss L.

Faye Godwin ? October 2012

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