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About the Author John has been writing for as long as he can remember, his first publishing successes coming in the Hartlepool Mail "Chipper Club" aged 6. Since then he's continued to write mainly in the Science-Fiction and Fantasy genres, winning prizes for his "fan-fic" of the Star Trek franchise in his twenties at the various Conventions he attended.

John has also written several pieces of background fiction based on the game Oolite and his most popular work, Lazarus, serialised over 16 weeks, received over 15,500 viewings during that time. The E-book Anthology, Alien Items, featuring some of John's work (writing as DaddyHoggy), was released in early 2012 and is available as a free download from fellow writer and friend Drew Wagar's website.

In June 2012 John won the Biting Duck Press "Science in Fiction" Short Story Competition. In September 2012 another of John's short stories "Baby Babble" was accepted as part of a Science Fiction Short Story Anthology to be released by Fantastic Books Publishing in November 2012.

John also spends a lot of time allowing himself to be distracted by the wonderful Paragraph Planet site, using it as practice of concise storytelling practice.

John's current work in progress is a contemporary novel entitled Endless Possibilities about the world of Online Gaming and Science-Fiction Conventions. (only some of which is fictional...)

Published info: Alien Items is a collection of Short Stories based on the universe created by the 80s computer game Elite, and expanded by the more up-to-date homage "Oolite" (very much in keeping with the wonderful Novella "The Dark Wheel" written by the late Robert Holdstock):Click here

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