Richard Hearn

About the Author "Apart from developing this site back in 2008, I am also a freelance writer (and sometime artist) based in Brighton. I have written on topics including Immortality, Glastonbury, Sat Navs, Street View, nappies and painting trees, and been published on these topics in magazines including The Artist, Prima Baby, Car Magazine, Camping magazine and Artists and Illustrators. (Yep. Your job is to match 'em up.) I also write two columns about being a Dad: Distracted Dad for The Latest and Dadsense for Mumsense magazine. (I'm currently writing a book in the same vein, so if any agents or publishers are reading this, feel free to contact me here! Oh and there's a Distracted Dad directory here.

I am currently also working on a series of radio plays, a children's book and have other website projects currently in embryo form. I have written enough about Paragraph Planet elsewhere on this site, but in case your desire for behind the scenes knowledge is still not sated, in 2012 I have been writing a bi-monthly column 'Behind the scenes of a writing website' for What The Dickens Magazine.

I should say that picture above is a bit stretched. I'm a bit fatter than that.

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