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Blogs and websites by contributors to Paragraph Planet. If you have been published on Paragraph Planet and would like to see your blog listed here, please fill in the form at the base of this page.

Lindsay Bamfield - Blog

Victoria Bantock - Blog

Jacqui Barrineau - Nowhere from here

Cath Barton - Abergavenny Tales: Cath's Stories

Sharon Bidwell - Blog

Terry Byrne - Mommy Tongue

Emily Lynch - Blog

Anita Chapman - Blog

Julie Cohen - Blog

Josephine Corcoran- Blog

BJ Peter DelaCruz Blog

Jude Ellery - Strange Bounce

Tracy Fells- The Literary Pig

Fiona Glass - Through a Glass Darkly

Anne Glennie - Rock.Paper.Writer

Wendy Ann Greenhalgh - Story Scavenger

Rhys Griffiths - Mister Rhys Mysteries

JL Harland - J.L Harland

EAM Harris - Blog

Rebecca Hattersley - I find you curious

Richard Hearn - Website (incl. Distracted Dad)

Susi Holliday - Blog

Amanda Holmes - The Irrelevance of Hope

Elizabeth Hopkinson - Hidden Grove Extra

David Hughes - Yearling Writer

Emma Hunneyball - In Potentia

Gabrielle Kimm - Gabrielle's website

Matthew Konkel - Website

Avalina Kreska - Blog

Asha Krishna - onerightword

Stephanie Lam - I am Stephanie Lam

Richard Littledale - Preacher's A-Z

Helen Mackinven - A Way with Words

Helena Mallett - A 75-word storyteller

Erinna Mettler - Website/Blog

Chris Milam - Wisp of smoke

Mandi Millen - She means well, but...

Freya Morris - Freya Morris

Lynda Nash - May Contain Nuts

Marc Paterson - Blog

DJ Paterson - Website

Emma Lee-Potter - Blog

Ronnie Mackintosh - It all starts on the page

Catherine Miller- Katy Little Lady

Kate Morris - Writing and Moaning

Sonya Oldwin - Blog

Jacqueline Pye - A Writer's Miscellany

Danielle Rose - A blog from Blackpool

Debra Sabri - Notes from the Beach hut

Simon Salento - Short stories

Rosalind Smith-Nazilli - Blog

Denise Sparrowhawk - Blog

Ruth Starling - Canonette Writer & My Baby Shot Me Down

Sarah Stratton - Piglet in a Poke

Heather Walker - Story and Verse

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Paragraph Planet is a creative writing website which has been publishing one 75-word paragraph every day since November 2008. Famous authors, aspiring writers and occasional dabblers have all got involved, submitting a mixture of twist-in-the-tale flash fiction, evocative short, short fiction, openings of published novels or brief moments captured. Get involved here. You can read over 2000 examples in the archive section. There are also interviews with some of the published authors who have submitted to the site, as well as an authors page in which you can read an example paragraph from all authors who've submitted, and also link to dedicated pages with more info about regular contributors. There's also a Blog Directory of authors who've contributed to the site.

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