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Below, you'll find exclusive interviews with authors who have kindly submitted to Paragraph Planet. Each interview features insights into the creative process and tips on writing, as well as details of their latest novels.

Julie Cohen - 'Dear Thing'

Julie discusses her new novel 'Dear Thing'. Her novel was chosen for the Richard and Judy book club, she describes how an extra scene was added based on the publisher's cover, plus how the Romantic Novelists Association has influenced her.

Andy Briggs - 'Tarzan: The Greystoke Legacy'

Andy re-boots Tarzan for a new generation, telling how he sat on the edge of a volcano, lays out a plot, and why the internet can't tell you what a gorilla smells like!

Araminta Hall - 'Dot'

Araminta describes how her second novel followed a very different path to her first, why she doesn't believe in writer's block, and how she co-runs creative writing courses from a cabin in her garden.

Louise Phillips - 'The Doll's House'

Louise describes how her novel involves psychosis, murder and hypnotherapy, why she prefers the term 'ideas block' to 'writer's block' and why her advice to other writers is simply 'stick at it'.

Emma Lee-Potter - 'Olympic Flames'

Emma writes the timely Olympic Flames, a novella about a young showjumper taking part in 2012. She also explains why her journalist background helps her writing, and how she ignores the advice of MJ Hyland!

Charlotte Betts - 'The Spice Merchant's Wife'

Charlotte discusses her forthcoming novel, her approach to research, give tips to other writers, and explains why being a member of a writing group - Wordwatchers - provides her with both feedback and cake.

Stephanie Lam - 'The Mysterious Affair at Castaway House'

Stephanie discusses her debut novel, her writing influences and how the novel changed over successive drafts.

Laura Wilkinson - 'Public Battles, Private Wars'

Brighton author Laura offers insights into her latest novel 'Public Battles, Private Wars', set during the miners' strike.

Various authors - 'My Baby Shot Me Down'

Ruth Starling discusses being one of the authors in anthology My Baby Shut Me Down.

Elly Griffiths - 'The House at Sea's End'

Read about Elly's third novel, featuring a forensic archeologist finding six bodies on a beach. Find out how her plots 'range across the millenia', read Elly's tips on writing, and why she likes being on Twitter.

Emlyn Rees - 'Hunted'

Read about Emlyn's novel Hunted - 'a nail-biting odyssey through panicked city streets', discover why he considers himself a geek when it comes to plotting, and why an editor that's blunt and opinionated isn't always a bad thing.

Lane Ashfeldt - 'Saltwater

Read about Lane's short story collection 'Saltwater', how the collection is structured, why stories are pre-shrunk and how other writers have influenced her.

Judy Astley - 'The Look of Love'

Judy reveals why she always reads 'the opposition' and enjoys writing 'The End'; plus, the story behind her latest novel 'The Look of Love' and how Anne of Green Gables changed her life.

Kate Morris - 'Seven Days One Summer'

Kate, Times Journalist, discusses her favourite novelists, why she likes the final stages of writing best, and the story behind 'Seven Days One Summer', her atmospheric and unsettling novel about the perils of holidaying with friends.

Mark Peterson - 'Flesh and Blood'

Mark Peterson discusses the themes behind his debut novel 'Flesh and Blood', why he agrees with the advice 'Kill your darlings' and how sometimes writing can be like piano playing.

Eloise Williams - Elen's Island

Eloise Williams discusses her 'magical and fun adventure story' for 7-9's. She also discusses planning, place...and procrastination!

JB Morrison - 'Frank Derrick's Holiday of a Lifetime'

Ex-Carter USA front man JB Morrison discusses his sequel to The Extra Ordinary Life of Frank Derrick, age 81, including the fresh challenges of writing a sequel, the pros and cons of social media, and ice cream van research.

Erinna Mettler - Starlings

Read how typewriters, football rattles and Dr Seuss make up the world of Erinna Mettler, author of 'Starlings', an intriguing atmospheric episodic novel set in Brighton.

Sara Sheridan - Brighton Belle

Sara discusses her Mirabelle Bevan mysteries - 'Miss Marple with an edge' - , why she loves research and speaking at events, and why she doesn't believe in Writer's Block.

Margaret James - The Wedding Diary

Margaret James discusses why writing a romantic comedy is a departure, how the idea for her new novel sprung from a writers' group, and how interviewing other authors for Writing Magazine has given her an insight into different working methods.

Andrew McBride - The Peacemaker

Andrew reveals why he loves Westerns, how setting becomes a character in his novels, and why editing is his favourite stage of the writing process.

Avalina Kreska - The AdderStane

Avalina describes why setting is so important in her novel, how flash fiction has helped hone her writing, and why you should never send out a novel too early.

Helena Mallett - Flash Fraction

Helena discusses her collection of 75-word stories - where did she get that idea from - and her approach to Flash Fiction.

Juliet West - Before The Fall

Juliet discusses her novel - a 'devastating love story' - in which 'the calamity of war impacts on family life'. She explains how household chores are not simply procrastination, and discusses why research is her favourite part of the writing process.

Julie Corbin - Now that you're gone

Julie discusses her latest thriller set just outside Edinburgh, offers advice to aspiring writers, and explains how her novels often start with a single image.

Rachel Connor - Sisterwives

Rachel discusses the craft of writing, why she finds the digital sphere 'great fun' and expands on how she wrote her novel 'Sisterwives', an 'exploration of desire' set in an isolated, fundamentalist community.

Lizzie Enfield - Living with It

Lizzie's novel describes the dilemmas faced by modern parents. She expand on how articles feed into her novels, and why sometimes - when it comes to marketing - you have to be a Book Tart.

Lisa Cutts - Remember Remember

Lisa reveals her own writing methods, and discusses her crime novel, Remember Remember, the second in the series featuring Detective Constable Nina Foster.

FC Malby - My Brother was a Kangaroo

FC Malby discusses her short story collection, how the title story was written for Paragraph Planet, and the authors who've influenced her.

Sally O'Reilly - Dark Aemilia

Sally O'Reilly discusses her novel featuring the real historical figure thought to be the 'Dark Lady' in Shakespeare's sonnets. She also reveals she believes in writer's panic, rather than writer's block!

Louise Candlish - The Sudden Departure of the Frasers

Louise Candlish discusses her intriguing latest novel, how her writing changes over successive drafts, and why you need a thick skin to succeed.

William Shaw - The House of Knives

William Shaw discusses the second novel in his crime trilogy featuring Breen and Tozer. He outlines how his journalism background feeds into his work, and why his advice to writers is 'Get to the end at any price'.

Paul McVeigh - 'The Good Son'
Paul McVeigh discusses his new novel, how it changed dramatically over successive drafts, and loving being in the writing 'zone'.

Sarah Hilary - 'No Other Darkness'
Sarah Hilary discusses her crime novel, how being surprised is one of her favourite writing moments, and considerations when dealing with a returning character.

Gabrielle Kimm - 'The Courtesan's Lover'
Gabrielle reveals why an online presence is vital to a writer, discusses the evolution of her novel 'The Courtesan's Lover' a book about beauty, ambition and power, and discusses why she loves the 'fizzing excitement' and the 'obsessive' nature of the writing process.

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