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Since October 2008, many authors have submitted 75-word paragraphs. Entries have ranged from stand-alone pieces to extracts from short stories or novels. Published, aspiring and occasional writers have all got involved. For some it has kickstarted their creative juices; for others, its an addictive, time-wasting distraction!

EXAMPLE STORIES These pages are being updated, but every author who has submitted to Paragraph Planet will soon be listed on the following author directory pages.

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From 2008-2013 author pages were added, which included more information on regular contributors. (These are below). Unfortunately, the offer of new author pages is on hold due to time constraints. Hopefully, it will be reinstated in the future.

To find out more details about our authors, including other websites that feature their work and further examples of submitted paragraphs, click on their name below.

Gail Aldwin, Moira Andrew, Debbi Antebi, Judy Astley , Amanda Bakewell, Lindsay Bamfield, Jacqui Barrineau, Cath Barton, Linda Baxter, Emma Biddulph , Sharon Bidwell, Alan Blunden, Alan Cadman, Nancy Charley, Chris Chesney, Patricia Cole, Niamh Cooper-O'Sullivan, Cara Courage, Charles Cranna, Renita D'Silva, Louise Demartigny, Sheila Duffill, Michelle Faithfull-Hinde, Milo James Fowler, Pat Gadsby, Faye Godwin, Shirley Golden, Heather Hapeta , EAM Harris , Melanie Harrison, Richard Hearn, Kris Heimark, John Hoggard, Amanda Holmes, Maggie Knight , Holly Knight , Ez Lane , Keith Large, Emma Lee-Potter, Ronnie Mackintosh, Helena Mallett, Frazer Martin, Neil McKellar, Chris Mills, Lynda Nash, Roger Noons, Sal Page, Rob Paraman, Jeff Provine, Jackie Pugh, Matt Reilly, Debra Sabri, Anne-Marie Smith, Dee J Smith, Granville Steppel, Ian Sullivan, Jayne Thickett, Georgina Troy, Robin Tulley, Julia Widdows, Owain Williams Eloise Williams Mike Yarrow

Paragraph Planet is a creative writing website which has been publishing one 75-word paragraph every day since November 2008. Famous authors, aspiring writers and occasional dabblers have all got involved, submitting a mixture of twist-in-the-tale flash fiction, evocative short, short fiction, openings of published novels or brief moments captured. Get involved here. You can read over 4000 examples in the archive section. In the authors directory, you can read an example paragraph from all authors who've submitted, and also link to dedicated pages with more info about regular contributors. There's also a Blog Directory of authors who've contributed to the site. If you can - and there's no obligation - please support the site via Ko-Fi.

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