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Thank you to all the authors who have submitted their short stories - and novel extracts - to Paragraph Planet. One piece of writing has been published every since November 2008! (If you are missing from the list, please contact me via the contact page)

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EXAMPLE PARAGRAPHS (Click on name to see sample paragraph)

Benjamin Adams, Faye Adams, Jordan Adams, Candie Adam, Femi Adebajo, Riham Adly, Gail Aldwin, Alex, Alex Alvarado, Elizabeth Amey, Cate Anderson, Craig Anderson, Jack Anderson, Katie Anderson, Aissa Tyley Anderson, Grace Andreacchi , Moira Andrew, Debbi Antebi, Cath Armstead, Isabel Ashdown, Lane Ashfeldt, Judy Astley , Conrad Atkinson, Jon Attfield, Amy Atticks, David L Axton, Daniel Audet , Danielle Auld

Rachel Bailey, Roy Bainton, Catherine Baird, DR Baker, Sean Baker, Kelly Balliu, Kris Balmer, Laura Balise, Lindsay Bamfield, Victoria Bantock, Brian Michael Barbeito, Carol Barnett, Lynne Barrett, Jacqui Barrineau, Cath Barton, Linda Baxter, RJ Bealey, Kyrsten Bean, Nyx Bean, Nicola Beattie, Maisie K Bell , Simon Bendle, Joanne Benford, Howard Benn, Chris Bennett, Isabelle Bentinck, Danielle Rose Bentley, Connie Berg, Bernie, Beth, Charlotte Betts, Indrani Bhattacharyya , Samina Bhatti, Shauna Bickley, Emma Biddulph , Sharon Bidwell, Nicola Billings, Jinja Bird, Mike Bliss, Alan Blunden, Hugo Boer ,Margaret Bolton, Tina Bond, Cath Bore, Natalie Bowers, Philippa Bower, Lizzie Boyle, Matt Boysons , Kevin Bradshaw, Christine Brand, Joshua Brand, David Braund , Jon Bray, Helen Brazier, Carrie Briffett, Andy Briggs Sian Brighal Julia Brilleman, James Brinsford, Julie Brooks, Ed Broom, Luke Brown Merle Brown, Nadine Brown, Paula Brown, RMF Brown, Valerie Brown, John Bruce, Charlotte Buchanan, Michael Buckingham-Gray, Jon Buckland, Budgie, Michelle Buist, Gloria Burland, Carol Burge, Karyn Burnham, Alan Burrows, Candace Butler, Terry Byrne

Alan Cadman, Rachel Caistor, Tony Calandra, Michael Call, Kyle Callahan, Jody Callahan, Andy Campbell, Mikey Campling, Rosie Canning, Caroline Cannons, Oliver Carey, Vanessa Carmona, Sarah Carneal, Carolyn , Carly, Adam Carr, Avis Carter , Andy Cashmore , Siobhan Castle, Jac Cattaneo, Emily Cavan, Jackie Cecil, Celia, Bec Chalkley , Rumer Channing, Alyssia Chapman, Anita Chapman, Wendy Chard, Beatrice Charles, Nancy Charley , Chris Chesney , Paul Chown, Christa, Jill Church, Clairee, Raymond John Clarke, Marytn Clayton, Alison Clibbens, Irene Cliff, James Coates, Julie Cohen, Chris Cole, Patrica Cole , Jack Collier, Sarah-Clare Conlon, Rachel Connor, Wayne Cook, Jessica Cooke, David Cookson, Niamh Cooper-O'Sullivan, Josephine Corcoran, Carolyn Cordon, Martin Cornwell, Cara Courage , Richard Cowell, Charles B Cranna, Rebecca Crask, Linda M Crate, Brian Cremer, Marj Crockett, Burton Crook, Sian Crook, Michelle Crosby, Alan Crossan, Penny Cull, Andrew Culture, Lisa Cutts,


Renita D'Silva, Liam D'Thyme, Haf Dallison, Nicola Daly, Linda Daunter, Gary Ian David, Laura Davidson, Beth Davies, Bran Davies, Chris Davies, Justin Davies, Andrew Dawson , James Dawson, Paul Dawson, Kat Day Will Day, Viola De Barre, Jane Deans, Anna Dear, Deborah, JD DeHart, BJ Peter De La Cruz, Joe DeLuca, Amanda Delahoy, Louise Demartigny, Demis, Rod Dickinson, Alice Dijksterhuis , Pano Dionysopoulos, Umar Ditta, Geoffrey Dixon, Richard Dixon, Kato Djin, Julian Dobbins, Reena Dobson, November Dohner, Pete Domican, Jacki Donnellan, Sybil Dormer, Gordon Douglas, Ann Doyle, Rod Drake, Jem Draycott, Christopher M Drew, David Drury, Becky Dudley, Sheila Duffill, Elliot Duffy, RM DuChene, Laura Dunlap, Anita Dunn, Kirsty Durbin, Lorna Dykstra ,


Sandy East, Ebby, Sue Eckstein, S Eden, Ann Edwards, Suzanne Edwards, Jude Ellery, Wendy Ellis, David A Elsenhohn, Lizzie Enfield , Wilson F Engel III, Juliet England, Eva, Joe Evans,

Paragraph Planet is a creative writing website which has been publishing one 75-word paragraph every day since November 2008. Famous authors, aspiring writers and occasional dabblers have all got involved, submitting a mixture of twist-in-the-tale flash fiction, evocative short, short fiction, openings of published novels or brief moments captured. Get involved here. You can read over 1600 examples in the archive section. There are also interviews with some of the published authors who have submitted to the site, as well as an authors page in which you can read an example paragraph from all authors who've submitted, and also link to dedicated pages with more info about regular contributors. There's also a Blog Directory of authors who've contributed to the site.

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