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Thank you to all the authors who have submitted their short stories - and novel extracts - to Paragraph Planet. One piece of writing has been published every since November 2008! (If you are missing from the list, please contact me via the contact page)


Sara Mac, Mandy MacDonald, Ronnie Mackintosh, Helen MacKinven, Roo I MacLeod, FC Malby, Helena Mallett, Kate Mallinder, Louise Mangos, Rex Mankelow , Nicola Manning, Dwayne Mansell, Carin Marais, Domenique Marchant, Katie Martin, Frazer Martin, Marilyn Martin, Christine Maskell, CJ Matthews, Kerry Mayo, dazmb, Colm McAuliffe , Bobby MacPherson, Andrew McBride, Jan McCarthy, Declan McCormack, Kirstie McCrum, Margot McCuaig Jan McCulloch, , Christa McDermott, Richard McDonough, Mary McDonough Clark, Eleanor McEgan, Ali McGrane, Cecilia McGuire, Pam McIlroy, Lindz McLeod, Morgan McIntyre, Marie McKay, Neil McKellar, Helene McKenna, Anne McNeill, Wendy McPhee, Sarah McPherson, Moonbeam McQueen , Elaine Mead, Meerkuts, David Mercer, Helen Merrick, Ann Merrilees-Kelly, Erinna Mettler , Gareth J Mews, Mia, Scott Hillier Michael, Penny Michalski, Bradford Middleton, Chris Milam , Anna Milanec , David Miles, Tamela Miles, Hannah Milev, Mandi Millen, Catherine Miller, Silvia Juliet Millward, Chris Mills, Alison Milton, Seema Minon , E L Mitchell, Sally Mitchell, Maureen Mitson, Vineetha Mokkil, Florence Molly, Giles Montgomery, Amy B Moreno, Karen Morgan, Chris Moore, Nathan Moore, Pam Moore, Albert Moot, MG Montoya, Whitney Moore, Julie Morgan King, Keith Morley, Freya Morris, Kate Morris, Laura Morris, JB Morrison, David Mortimer, Jo Mortimer, Sarah Mosedale, Elizabeth Moura, Alex Mullarky, Nigel Munson, Donna Munt, Zoe Murdock, M Murniati, Will Murray, Don P. Musey, Pat Muzio, Steve Myers, Aneesha Myles Thriveni C Mysore, Liz Mytton,


Aravind R Nair , Mahesh Nair, Anushree Nande, Rachel Newcombe, Sarah Newell, Janet Newman, Lucy Nibbs-Ramsey, Morgan Nicholls , Joanna Nicholson, Sarah Leanne Nicholson, Sarah Nicholson, Robert Nisbet, Jon Nitsua, Rosemary Noble, Chris Noonan , ML Noonan, Roger Noons, Vikki Norfolk, C Norman, Michael Nutter


Emily Oakes, Samantha O'Brien, Amanda O'Callaghan, Nuala O'Connor, Madeleine O'Gorman, Sally O'Reilly, Bernard O'Rourke, Toirdealbhach î Lion‡ird, Sonya Oldwin, Katie Oliver, Niall O Sioradain, Neil Ortenberg, Caroline Osborne, Randy Osborne, Kimberly Osgood, Henry Oswaldsson, Ben Ottridge, Mrs Ours, Claire Owen, Voima Oy


Jacqui Pack, Sal Page, Sarah Palmer, Nick Pantalones, Mary Papas, Rob Paraman , Kester Park, Andrew Parker, Gavin Parish, Roger Parry, Gina Parsons, Rayal Patel, DJ Paterson, Marc Paterson, Rachel Paxton-Hall, Pauly Paul, Alison Payne, Sam Payne, Tom Payne, AJ Pearce , Helen Pearce, Mark Pearce, Saragh Penfold, Liam Pennington, Saxon Pepperdine, Stuart Pereira, Gillian Perkins, Greg Perry, Angela Petch, Joseph S Peter, Mark Peterson, Pam Pheasant, Peter Pheasant, Lesley Phillips, Paul Phillips, Sian Phillips, Louise Phillips, Myk Pilgrim, Dave Pitt, Julia Pittilla , Anne Polhill Walton, Annie Poppy, Jonathan Powell , Simon Pressinger, Wyn Preston, Jennifer Price, Santino Prinzi, Jeff Provine, Samaire Provost, Jackie Pugh, Jacqueline Pye,


Amanda Quinn

Paragraph Planet is a creative writing website which has been publishing one 75-word paragraph every day since November 2008. Famous authors, aspiring writers and occasional dabblers have all got involved, submitting a mixture of twist-in-the-tale flash fiction, evocative short, short fiction, openings of published novels or brief moments captured. Get involved here. You can read over 1600 examples in the archive section. There are also interviews with some of the published authors who have submitted to the site, as well as an authors page in which you can read an example paragraph from all authors who've submitted, and also link to dedicated pages with more info about regular contributors. There's also a Blog Directory of authors who've contributed to the site.

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