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Thank you to all the authors who have submitted their short stories - and novel extracts - to Paragraph Planet. One piece of writing has been published every since November 2008! (If you are missing from the list, please contact me via the contact page)


Damon R, Clive Radford, Theresa Ragan, Debra Raine, Steven V. Ramey, Clayton Ramones, Misti Rainwater-Lites, Oliver Randle, Suzan Lindsay Randle, D. Rathbone, Carolynn Rayment, Peter Raynard, Kerry Rawlinson, Margaret Rawlinson Jane Read, Angela Readman, Chris Redfern, Hayley Reed, Emyln Rees, Nick Reeves, Connell Regner, Lynne Reid, Matt Reilly, KM Reynolds, David Rhymes, Daniel Ribot, Jess Richards, Liz Richards, Ruth Richards, Victoria Richards, Janet Richardson, David Richmond, Matt Rickard, Ron Riekki, Fiona Ritchie Walker, Claire Roberts, Caleb Roberts, Julia Robinson, Sandra Robinson, Eirian Robson, Koo Robson, Chris Roche, Zach Roddis, Julie M Rodriguez, Mike Rogers, Alex Rogge, Image Ronin, Kristin Ronzi, Kim Rooney , Dusty Rose, Lana Rosenbaum, Bridget Rossiter, Taz Roux, Alice Ruddle, Charlotte Ruston, Karl A Russell, Joyce De Ruiter Kremers


Debra Sabri, Mark Sadler, Eryl Samuel , Michael Sams, Laura Sansom, Brian Sausser, Scarlett Sauvage, Mary Seeney, Lisa Segar, Alex Schofield, Peter Schreiner, Roy Schulze, Kevin Scott, Russell Scott, Mary Seeney, Plum Seiler, Sreemanti Sengupta, Hilda Slater, Neelam Shah, David Shakes, Iain Shanks, Mikaela Shea, John Sheehan, Lindsay M Sheehan, Joanna Sheen , John Sheirer, Bob Shepherd, Gilly Sheridan, Sara Sheridan, Colin Sherwood, Aneesha Shewani, Joe Shier, Ed Siegle, Robyn Simmons, Liz Simpson, Rin Simpson, Ailish Sinclair, Noa Sivan, Clarissa Skillings, Jeanna Skinner, Rachael Smart, Anne-Marie Smith, CR Smith, Debbie Smith, Dee J Smith, ML Smith, Mary Anne Smith, Maria Smith , Othniel Smith, Sarah Smith, Tanalee Smith , Rosalind Smith-Nazilli, Winn Smith, Phil Soan, Sebastian Soare, Denise Sparrowhawk, Geoffrey Speechley, Becky Spence, Sammie Spencer, Diana Spratling, Jason St Clair, Ruth Starling, Granville Steppel, Amanda Stevens, Bob Stewart, Lynn Stewart, Vanessa Stokes, Rebecca Stonehill, Karen Storey, Karen Lee Street, Clare Stubbs, Ian Sullivan, Andrew Summons, John Swain, Flo Swann, Graythorne Laksimi, Simon Sylvester,


Susan Tacent, John Take, Orest Talpash, Sue Tame, Suet Lee Tan, Lin Tan, Marie-Therese Taylor, Nick Taylor, Ross Taylor, Amy Temple , Marc Thomas, Lesley Thomson, Jayne Thickett , Steven Thomas, Pam Thompson, TipTim, Regina Tingle, Adrienne Tinn, Bree Tinsley, Josie Tipler, Teresa Tipping, Abbie Todd, Katherine Tomlinson, Paul Toritto, Simon Townsend, Anne Tranter, Joanna Tucker, Matt Tuckey, Robin Tulley, Elle Turner, Hayley Turner, Stella Turner, Sonority Turner, Neona Twirl, Laura Tyldesley, Susan Tyrrell,

U Mr Uku, Errol Lincoln Uys

V Julie Van Griensven, Bart Van Goethem, Maureen Vance, JJ Vaughan, Jet Vevers, Owen Vince, Debbi Voisey,


Valerie Wagner, Dotty Wales, Maureen Wall, Claire Walker, Heather Walker, AJ Walker, Gerard Taylor Wallace, Daniel Wallock, August Walsh, Judi Walsh, Rosie Walters, Rob Walton, F.Wamuiru, Joan Warburton, Carolyn Ward, Charlotte Ward, Jo Waring, Rory Warwick, Lynette Washington, Alison Wassell, Patricia Weedall, Pamela Weeden, Jade Weighell, Emily Weldon, Pavelle Wesser, Juliet West, Richard Wheal, Katherine White, Richard White, Mitch Whiting, James Whitman, Andrea Wicks, Julia Widdows, Sandy Wilkie, Jon Wilkins, Laura Wilkinson, Bethany Willet, Steven Willetts, Charlotte Williams, Eloise Williams, Owain Williams, Pip Williams, Rhiannon Williams, Simon Williams, Sue Williams, Sally-Shakti Willow , John Wilson, Juliet Wilson, Kathryn Winner, David Woerhle, Logan Wolff, Chris Wood, Morgan Wood, Jayne Woodhouse, Beth Woodward, J.B Wyczynski, Jenny Wylde,


Michael Yarrow, Lucy Yeldham, Chris Yeoh, Yogun, Josa Young


Scott Zachary, Tara Isabel Zambrano,

Paragraph Planet is a creative writing website which has been publishing one 75-word paragraph every day since November 2008. Famous authors, aspiring writers and occasional dabblers have all got involved, submitting a mixture of twist-in-the-tale flash fiction, evocative short, short fiction, openings of published novels or brief moments captured. Get involved here. You can read over 1600 examples in the archive section. There are also interviews with some of the published authors who have submitted to the site, as well as an authors page in which you can read an example paragraph from all authors who've submitted, and also link to dedicated pages with more info about regular contributors. There's also a Blog Directory of authors who've contributed to the site.

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